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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 21, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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from the family of a 7-eleven clerk who was gunned down, their message after an arrest was made in the shooting. fox 10 news is back. thanks for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. we begin with a weather alert. storms rolling through the valley tonight. this shot of rain coming from near 32nd street and shea in phoenix. and here's some more video of the rain and lightning. this was right in downtown phoenix. this was a our fox studios, in fact, we got some rain out here earlier. >> and we all ran outside and talked about how wonderful it smelled it and it did. so this storm system worked its way down, dumped rain and wind across the valley. it's not done with yet. in fact, let's take a look at where the storm is now headed and what we can expect for the rest of the week as well. as you can see we still have a lot of storm and moisture activity in our state right now, especially if you look off to
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california border, we see a lot of activity right now, the red and yellow returns, we'll zoom in for a closer look, a tough commute on the i-10 tonight, and also on the 8 in the gila bend area, really strong cells. when you see the reds and yellows on the screen you know we are talking a lot of heav he rain was well. it should be a couple of hours, but we'll let yo know what's going on for the rest of the ten-day forecast period coming up in just a couple of minutes. and the weather causing some issues for a prayer vigil that was planned for the victims of the serial street shooter. fox 10's marcy jones was out there. they had to postpone the event. you still got a chance to talk to some family members. >> that's right, linda. even though they said the night didn't go as planned, the loved ones of those victims still say
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that were lost and to raise awareness that the killer was still out there. >> so what's the purpose, what's the reason? because none of these people know one another, none of them, and what's behind it all? what is it for? why is he doing this? >> sabrina white says she wakes up every morning asking herself the same questions. her sister, 55-year-old crystal white, was killed june 12th by the serial street shooter. sabrina the community to learn from the string of tragedies. >> i think that would be the best closure, because then we can know if this is a sick person or what, and if he is, then people will be able to learn and be able to know a little bit more about how to handle people like this in the future. >> raven morris, friend and relative of three victims killed the same night as crystal white, says she wants the victims to be remembered. >> the nicest people ever.
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stephanie and angela were so caring. they were my aunties. >> adding though even though nothing can bring back the seven lives senselessly taken, she prays justice can be served. >> just turn yourself in to give everyone peace of mind, and then we can know all of the people who suffered from this can get their justice. stop hiding. give >> right now a $50,000 reward is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest and that prayer vigil will be rescheduled for another time. marcy jones, fox 10 news. a semi accident sends two people to trauma centers with non-life-threatening injuries. hazmat crews rushed to this scene near 59th avenue and buckeye to clean up any fuel that was spilled by this refuelling truck. crews say the intersection will be closed for an indefinite period of time while they clean
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power lines that need to be repaired. the cause of the accident, still under investigation. and a sad follow-up on a story that we first told you about yesterday evening -- yesterday morning, that is, the driver who crashed into a cvs store has died. it's still not clear what caused the woman to crash into the building near 35th avenue and peoria, so far still unclear if impairment, speed or medical problems may have played a factor in the crash. the family of a 7-eleve clerk who was shot and killed during an armed robbery is reacting tonight to the arrest of a suspect. police were able to identify the suspect, they say, bring him in and get a full confession. tonight the family of toor released this statement saying in part "we are truly appreciative and grateful for everyone's time and dedication. we are obligated to the phoenix police department and their
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make an arrest of the alleged suspect in such a short span of time, and therefore bringing peace to our family." 23-year-old joseph fatigoni confessed to robbing a 7-eleven, say police, near southern avenue and 16th street earlier this month. he held the clerks at gunpoint, police say, and then moved them to the back room of the store. one of the employees tried to get the gun from the man, is when police say fatigoni shot and killed him. he will be charged with murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery. a burglar breaks into a woman's woman, but it's not her personal belongings that she misses. it's her pet mccaw taken in the burglary. a man broke into her home and took her bird, sunshine. she says sunshine used to be an educational zoo at a local zoo
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problems. police an idea of who may have taken the bird but she wants sunshine back. >> no one should ever have to go through that. it's bad losing a pet. >> yeah, she says the other things that were stolen don't matter to her. she just wants sunshine back, no questions asked. after the break, more reaction pouring in from a federal judge's recommendation that sheriff joe arpaio face criminal charges. what activists are saying now. from the campaign trail, what
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reaction continues pouring into reaction continues pouring in on the ruling surrounding the sheriff joe arpaio contempt of court case. >> yeah, and yesterday federal judge murray snow said that the sheriff intentionally violate the court's order, intentionally failed to turn over evidence, and lied in court. the judge recommended that federal prosecutors look into bringing criminal contempt charges against t three others in the case. today we spoke with mary rose wilcox, a former county supervisor and outspoken arpaio critic. >> it's extremely important. again, for years our community has served, and when people put themselves above the law, they never get away with it. lady justice moves slowly but justice does control people. he was accused of terrorizing people, violating their constitutional rights, and he
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carpet for it. >> arpaio's attorney says the embattled sheriff is disappointed with the ruling and vows that he is willing to go to trial to prove his innocence. the judge has also ordered the county board of supervisors to put aside a half million dollars in a compensation fund for claimants in this case. demonstrators meanwhile, holding a protest outside of a discount tire store, are upset about the store backing joe arpaio in the sheriff election. they say they will take their business elsewhere also they have seen signs at discount tire stores supporting sheriff joe arpaio. >> we are sending out a message to businesses, if they are going to support arpaio fiscally or in the media that we are not going to -- we are not okay with that, and there's going to be consequences. >> and fox 10 reached out to discount tire for comment but no
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this protest. both donald trump and hillary clinton spending a lot of time on the campaign trail this week. in today's virginia rally, donald trump talked about his hope for more jobs, safety, and low crime. he harshly condemned president obama for the exchange with iran that led to four american prirs coming home. but he also has for when they return home. >> but veterans will either have the right to seek care at the va facility, and if they can't get it and get it quickly, they have the right to go to a private doctor or a medical clinic across the street and we'll take care of it. >> as for hillary clinton, she is spending time this weekend fund-raising on the east coast. she reportedly attended to
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nan tuck et. her bank account earlier this month said to be $50 million with an average donation of about $44. a soggy saturday for most of us out there across the state, and it looks like the weather is still here, but it's making its way on out, a look at what we can expect for the next few hours and next few days coming
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your exclusive accuweather forecast on fox 10 news. well, i saw you run outside with your camera when we got some rain down here to document it all. >> i know.
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right into the lights, which is the only way you're going to see rain coming down at night and realized that that was not going to work. >> yeah, we didn't get a lot but we got something. >> it smelled great and it sounded wonderful but i don't have a picture. >> and it dropped the temperatures down a lot as you can see, 83 degrees tonight. >> we love that. >> nice night out there and since most of the rain has passed through, a nice night for a walk, if you want to go out and maybe hunt some pokemon or something like that, winds out of the southwest at nine miles an hour, or walk t old-fashioned way if you want to. a look for what's going on for us, as you can see most of the areas out here out west are kind of seeing a little bit of moisture activity. you can see in the san francisco area, they are getting some well from that system that we are seeing started up in the high country today and gradually made its way through the state. we still have a lot of moisture making its way down to the southwestern part of the state, but if you are driving through
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lot of rain tonight. the dew points are up, why you're feeling the moisture in the air, as you can see here looking at the numbers. that's why we are having the conditions today that are really ripe for the storms that we saw. nice temperatures, 77 in buckeye, deer valley at 80, also 80 in fountain hills, 84 for you in mesa, 84 in gateway as well, and chandler 88 degrees, ahwatukee a nice 84 degrees at this hour. for the rest of the state, kingman you're at 84 degrees, bullhead city 95, window rock 53 degrees, 66 for you in st. john's, and 66 in payson as well. so nice temperatures up there in the high country tonight. in fact, need a jacket if you're going to be outside up there. our high today was a hundred, a little bit below the normal of 104, record 112 set in 1986. a lot of active weather across the country as you can see, really heavy stuff over the houston area that's going to be making its way east here through
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they are going to be busy for the next few days. also a lot of storm activity up in michigan, western michigan getting a tornado. a lot of damage there, luckily nobody was injured but that was a really powerful storm, also making its way through the chicago area, so the midwest has been pretty hammered by the weekend, a lot of storms and hard weather making its way through. forecasts, 83 low for yuma, 61 in payson, 53 for window rock, 70 up in page, 49 for the 73 in tuscon. here's what we can expect tomorrow for our highs, 98 in phoenix, 103 yuma, 87 in globe, tuscon 95 and nogales at 88 degrees. here's what we have got going on overnight. 79 degrees for our overnight low here in phoenix, some clouds that are still lingering from the storm that's passing on through, but a warming trend in our future. we are going to be warming up tomorrow. we are not going to probably hit over a hundred tomorrow. we are expected to stay under
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ten-day forecast, you can see, that's what we are expecting for the next few days, below the century mark, we like that, a 10% chance of showers tomorrow, chance of storms returning for us on tuesday, contining on throughout the rest of the week, slim chance but we are going to keep them in the forecast as well. nice temperatures for you as well, so that's something for all of us to enjoy. >> yeah, no 110s, we'll take it. we'll also take this. forget heading to the dealership for how you can test drive your next vehicle without going from car
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fox 10 news is back. here's an innovative new way to shop for a new car. the virtual reality company called vroom set up an exhibit at the scottsdale fashion square
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you can virtually take a car that you're interested in for a spin. >> this is pretty neat. if you like the virtual car after the test drive, they will deliver it to your door. >> we'll drop it off at your day, and if you like it you can keep it for 90 days with a full bumper to bumper warranty. >> they will be set up i scottsdale fashion square mall through the weekend. an estimated 3,000 a.s.u. students made the trip up hayden butte mountain, otherwise known as a mountain. >> yeah. they made the trek up the mountain for the annual whitewashing of the a on that mountain. go devils. i think they chanted that all the way up. this tradition started back in 1938 as freshman found a rock and then painted it white. they would then take all of the
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into an a on top of the mountain. the whitewashing of the mountain is a symbolic start of the school year. the a will stay white until the first home football game, and then it will be painted back to the traditional a.s.u. gold. well, marc and linda, back to work tomorrow for the arizona cardinals. you get the impression that coach arians is going to be a little more intense based on what he had to say about the offensive unit's performance. you're going to want to hear how
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava in hd. back to work tomorrow for the arizona cardinals. you know, you get the impression that this week will be a little more intense based on coach arians suggesting his offense was sub par last night against the chargers. you have got to look at performances like this and say,
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the intercption by brandon flowers here. certainly we didn't see sustained drives and we saw turnovers. you never want to see turnovers in any type of game, even when the games don't count in the preseason, and against the raiders, and through this int, you say, wow, do you really want to let that float like that? yeah, this is interesting. i want you to listen to bruce ia it fly after last night's game. >> we have got to get it together. i mean this is two games where, you know, we have not played very well. the first one was a lot of young players. we'll go back to work. that's why you play the preseason. it's not a these don't count, other than you find out a lot about yourself. well, they will get ready for the houston texans. we take a trip to houston, brock osweiler, trying to connect with will fuller and he does here on
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by the way, fuller, catches for 73 yards, osweiler -- drew brees picked off here by jonathan joseph. it will be interesting to see the cardinals against the texans next sunday, preseason game number three, oses wiler picked off by p.j. texans win 27-9 over the saints. ray striking out myers, ray with his best performance maybe in forever in the big leagues. he was fabulous, the only mistake a home run by patrick kivlehan. but when you look at his numbers, stunning, seven innings, gave up just one hit. one hit. you saw it right there. one run and he struck out 13. got just enough support here as
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throwing error, 2-1 arizona, daniel hudson got out of trouble late in this game, in the 8th inning, that's something this organization has been waiting on, with the bases loaded, two outs, gets solarte to fly out. how about that, the dbacks hold on to win 2-1 tonight in san diego. nascar, heavy rain in bristol tennessee, they got 48 of the 500 laps in, and the way try to get the re of the race in tomorrow morning. our time about 10:00 a.m., in case you're interested, nascar fans. so they will trying to get in between the rain drops and get that race in tomorrow in bristol tennessee. and we'll be back at you tomorrow with more cardinals. >> yeah, looking forward to it. >> that was some heavy rain. >> very heavy rain, no joke. >> thanks jude. thanks for being with us tonight. >> we'll see you tomorrow at
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